Discord Trivia

Script Discord Trivia 1.00

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Feb 1, 2017
Parrothead submitted a new resource:

Discord Trivia - Create and play trivia with your entire Discord!

Need help? post on the thread or PM me on Discord (Parrothead#8885)

Not everything is completed. Please read the todo section as well as the comments in the script to see if something is not done yet.

Hello, this is my first public script. It is a trivia script that interacts exclusively with Discord text channels. This is not a script for ingame Minecraft trivia; if you need that, then look elsewhere. This was written as a proof-of-concept initially and then developed into a...

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The token I used was just a demonstration one :emoji_slight_smile:

tH15isarandomTokenIdG3ty0uRown =
this is a randdom token id get your own

Sorry for the late reply. I accidentally unwatched the thread.