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Active Member
Mar 29, 2018
Pingusate submitted a new resource:

Delza ⚫ Best friendly-bot for your server! ⚫ - The best friendly-bot core script literally for all.

Delza is one of ServerPack bundle.
What is ServerPack bundle?
It's add-ons that can be added to Delza, Like games, Or anything like these.

What is Delza?

Delza is your minecraft friendly-bot, Which will care for anything for the server, Delza has a lot of unique features, that hasn't been added to other cores.

What are the unique things you've told us about?
I made delza because its like really unique, There are some events...

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Authors response to my review
"Author's ResponseYes, it is and will still be Best frienly-bot for your server, Anyways, 5 minutes and the other update will release, and i dare you to find a single error."

How is it the best bot for your server if it won't even load or work? Something cant be the best if it doesn't even work.

And challenge accepted
[12:46:35 INFO]: [Skript] Encountered 10 errors while reloading!
Looks Like I won this challenge
[doublepost=1524254755,1524253644][/doublepost]"You have the wrong version of skript, Its my fault right? Thanks for bad review."
Yes it is your fault. I am using the version of skript listed here
Which is the version everyone uses, and since you did not specify which version to use.... then how am i supposed to know.
Also it is your fault, because you have poorly written this Skript, there are errors in there, that have nothing to do with the skript version.
You are calling upon worlds that dont exists, and how is a person who downloads this skript supposed to know how to change all the stuff you wrote wrong?