Script [Deleted] VCheat - Anticheat (SALE)

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Aug 16, 2017
vitusverden submitted a new resource:

VCheat - Anticheat (SALE) - Its an anticheat

Remeber that guy who flew over to you in kitpvp and killed you? Well, that's fixed now. VCheat block fly hack in just 1 second. Sale for just 0.75 USD. More blocks are coming soon.

Basically, this skript prevents flying (more cheats are coming soon). This is tested on a 1.8.9 server with Flux, Liquidbounce and Exist. It doesn't prevent Glide hack right now. It does not work on 1.9+ servers because of elytras.

It reports a fly hacker in 1 second

To do list:
Reach hack (In the...

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