Death messages with item name rather than item and item name

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New Member
Feb 19, 2022
Category: Combat

Suggested name:

Spigot/Skript Version: 2.6 (1.17.1 please)

What I want:
I made a skript that shows a death message when someone dies to a player or a mob. but when i kill someone with a named item, says the item then the name.

So what i need is so that it says the item name rather than the item and the name. And if it's possible to make it like hoverable and show the item, enchants & item name.

Here's the skript btw:


only victim: "&e%victim% &chas died!" and "&e%victim% &cmet their fate" and "&e%victim% &cpassed away strangely"

victim and attacker: "&e%attacker% &ckilled &e%victim% &cusing &4%attacker's item name%" and "&e%attacker% &cDECAPITATED &e%victim% &cusing &4%attacker's %"

on death:
if attacker is not a player:
set death message to random element out of {@only victim}
else if attacker is a player:
set death message to random element out of {@victim and attacker}

When I'd like it by: Idk, whenever someone can do it lol