Hiring DeadMC Zombies jobs

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Jun 30, 2017
Hi there :emoji_grinning: I have been working on a server for a bit called DeadMC. It used to be named Deadbattle and I had it opened for a season and made some cash off of it. I have just started to reinvest in trying to reopen the server for a 2nd season. We are in need of some Skript Developers who are maybe looking for something to do or a cheap easy job. Please read the description more if you may be interested in this position.

- Easy coding. Nothing more than basic skript knowledge.
- The job is paid! But free is always best XD
- We are not asking for tons of code either just small stuff here and there.
- Someone who speaks English if posable.

Contact me:
Discord: Chris/BearBuilds#3100
Time zone: EST