Deadly Water Skript

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May 29, 2020
Hi everyone, I am trying to make a plugin that kills the player when they touch water or move in/on water.
Here is the command I have:

on walking on water:
execute console command "/kill %players%" if player is not op

I also tried

on walking on water:
kill the player if player is not op

What I expected/want it to do:
I wanted my plugin to only kill the specified player that falls in the water. If random guy falls into the water it will only kill him, because he was the one who fell in. Also, I want all people who are opped to be exempt from this plugin.

What it actually did:
I had my friend come on my server and test it out. I opped myself and fell into the water and I did not die. My friend starting dying repeatedly until I got out of the water. I then deoped myself then fell into the water and this time died in the water, when I was in the water though, my friend again starting dying continuously, until I re-spawned and was on land.

Thank you so much
[doublepost=1590714914,1590714717][/doublepost]also for some reason the tabs did not show up in my post, but i have made sure to intent the lines appropriately for the command to not show any errors.
on any move:
    if block at player is water:
        if player is not op:
            kill the player
And for the tabs thing, there's a "+" button at top which you can create code blocks.
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