Custom Race Skript

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May 8, 2017
Ok so I have been having so problems making this I have tried so hard. What I need is a skript when a player first joins is a gui that pops up with 3 items a sword for &9Warrior a shovel &eDwarf and a hoe for &5Mage. There would be a admin command like /race change %player% %class% so I could manually change someones class and a player could change there class every week with /race change admins could bypass that. There would be a command that resets a players cooldown to change their race. My idea for the first join gui would be like this.

Also each race can't hold each others weapons so a Warrior can not hold a shovel or a hoe. A mage could not hold a shovel or sword get it? If anyone does this or is willing to help me just fix my skript contact me with this discord Brandawg#5028 Thanks :emoji_grinning:
[doublepost=1496194925,1496069022][/doublepost]nvm got it to ttork