Custom mob abilites (Need Help)

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Mar 11, 2024
Hi, how would I add the ability where this custom mob has gold armor and an iron sword that also shoots fireballs

    if arg 1 is "SKELETOR_KNIGHT":
      summon skelton at location of player
      set max health of last spawned mob to 120
      set health of last spawned entity to 120
      set {_mhp} to maximum health of last spawned entity
      set {_hp} to health of last spawned entity
      set display name of last spawned mob to "&aSkeletor Knight &c%{_hp}%&a/&a%{_mhp}%"
fixed and cleaned your code

    if arg-1 is "SKELETOR_KNIGHT":
      spawn skeleton at location of player
      set {_e} to spawned entity
      set {_mhp} to 120
      set {_hp} to {_mhp}
      set max health of {_e} to {_mhp}
      set health of {_e} to {_hp}
      set display name of {_e} to "&aSkeletor Knight &c%{_hp}%&a/&a%{_mhp}%"
      set helmet of {_e} to gold helmet
      set chestplate of {_e} to gold chestplate
      set leggings of {_e} to gold leggings
      set boots of {_e} to gold boots
      while {_e} is alive:
        loop all players in radius 5 around {_e}:
          set {_v} to vector from {_e} and loop-player
          shoot a fireball at speed 2 {_v}
        wait 50 ticks
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oh its smthing else its fixed. Also im very confused on the "Client side worldborders" Island creatioin syustem, could you add me on discord: Sulsayhl
and possibly help with this
I can't help you on discord but here is an example of client sided world borders

command /borderehere:
        set world border of player to virtual world border
        set border center of world border of player to location of player
        set size of world border of player to 25
Yes. I understand that part. Im confused how to make it to where the player will be teleported to an island in the world and you know how to make that work. It all needs to be in one world so my hard drive dont explode