Custom Items for Regions

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Feb 25, 2017
Category: Server Administratioin

Suggested name: Custom Items for Regions

What I want:
I want skript which will replace your current items with another ones when you enter in a region (WorldGuard)
So when you enter specific WorldGuard Region it will remove your current items but save them and it will replace them with another ones with custom names, lores and etc. which I will use for joining mini games and when you leave the region it will remove the custom items and replace them with your old ones.
It is not compulsory these custom items to be with items, lores and commands I can do it later by myself with another skript or plugin.
I'm not sure if you still need this but I wanted to try to work it out all the same for practice.
Tested on my own server and it works with no dependencies ^-^
/inventory save <region name> in world world
/inventory remove <region name> in world world

The "in world world" bit is obnoxious but that's how World Guard seems to title its regions. The region name has to match the defined region for which you're saving the inventory. I'm certain it's not 100% efficient but I'm still kind of new to this:emoji_slight_smile: I hope it helps though.

ps: I used CaptainJohn's skript on personal inventories as a reference for loops, it's a really good example!