Crypto isn't working :|

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Sep 15, 2023
Here the balance that was suppose to add 0.1 every 5 seconds isnt displaying on GUI

command /cryptominer:
        give player a sponge with name "&b&lMiner"
        set {_player} to player's name
        set {_mined} to 5

on right click:
    if player's tool is a sponge with name "&b&lMiner":
        open chest inventory with 3 rows named "&5&lCrypto Miner" to player
        set slot 11 of player's current inventory to book named "&7" with lore "&fOwner: &b%player%" and "&7"
        set slot 13 of player's current inventory to gold block named "&bYou currently have &a%{_mined}%&6₿" with lore "&7" and "&fRIGHT CLICK &7to withdraw your money"
        set slot 15 of player's current inventory to sunflower named "&dCrypto type: &6₿" with lore "&7" and "&c❱ &fCosting around &a$33,154.05"

on block place:
    if player's tool is a sponge with name "&b&lMiner":
        cancel event

on inventory click:
    if name of event-inventory is "&5&lCrypto Miner":
        cancel event
        if clicked slot is 13:
            set {_dollars} to {_mined} * 33154.05
            send "&aYou withdrew &f${_dollars}&a from your mining balance." to player
            add {_dollars} to player's balance

on every 5 seconds:
    add 0.1 to {_mined}
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It seems like you've got some coding trouble with your crypto miner, huh? Don't sweat it; these things can get tricky.
Your code looks pretty cool, but it seems the balance update isn't displaying correctly on the GUI. It might be a syntax issue or something related to the plugin you're using. Debugging can be a real pain, I know!
By the way, if you're into crypto, consider using a cryptomixer to keep your transactions private and secure. It's just a friendly tip from one crypto enthusiast to another.
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