Crashing server when reloaded and skunity paraser not detecting error

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Sep 18, 2022
This pet skript used to work for me and i changed it to add permissions and it was all fine. I made a change to it and now it crashes my server whenever i add it and try to reload it. It won't give me any errors the server just dies and i tried using skunity Paraser and that just says "Something went wrong trying to parse your script! Please refresh and try again". I have tried multiple times and same thing occurs, wondering if anyone can see the error with it. I am using skript 2.6.4 and skbee 1.17.3 due to using old nbt in my skripts but the other skripts work using it still


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Do you have LuckPerms and Vault? It says it requires LuckPerms, and Vault would be required to communicate between LP and Skript.
The file is pretty big. Do you have enough memory to support reloading a file this big?
"play sound" used to have a similar issue for me when you play a sound *with* volume and *with* pitch at the same time. Try removing the volumes.
Have you tried loading this script alone; without anything else running?
If none of that works, try contacting the original dev. Their contact info is at the top of the script.

For future reference, please also add what Minecraft version you're on, as well as Spigot version, plugin information and potentially memory info.
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