Script Courbe.Sk - Create a curve with a quadratic equation

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New Member
Aug 10, 2019

CourbeSk is a script that will allow you to draw parabolic curves in minecraft with 1 command. The script also adds a function that you can implement to automatically generate a type curve

How do we use the script?

You have two possibilities of use:
- With command:

- /start -> Set the start point of the curve tracing

- /end -> Set reference end point for curve tracing

- /curve -> Draw the curve

- With the function:
- traceParabole (<start execution position>, <X coordinate of start position>, <X coordinate of arrival position>, <Z coordinate of start position>, <Z coordinate of position of d 'arrival>, <executor>, <true (enable returns by messages) / false>)

What's the end?
It gives something like this for example: