Combat Log Skript

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Aug 28, 2022

Suggested name:

Spigot/Skript Version:2.6.3

What I want:
I want a skript that makes it so a person will die if they are in combat within 15 seconds of getting hit by another player. I also want them not able to do any commands while they are in combat. I want an alert saying "You are in combat" when the player has been damaged by another player. and I want it to say "You are out of combat" when they are out of combat.

Ideas for commands:

Ideas for permissions:

When I'd like it by: ASAP. PLEASE
{CL::%player%} = false

on damage:
if attacker is player:
If {CL::%victim%} is false:
set {CL::%victim%} to true
send "You have been combat logged!" to victim
wait 15 seconds
set {CL::%victim%} to false
send "you are now safe" to victim

on leave:
if {CL::%player%} is true:
broadcast "%player% combat logged!"

on join:
if {CL::%player%} is not set:
set {CL::%player%} to false
if {CL::%player%} is true:
kill the player
set {CL::%player%} to false

On command:
if {CL::%player%} is true:
cancel event
If this skript doesn't work feel free to mention it |