Solved Clickable Player Names

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Active Member
Apr 24, 2017
Category: Chat / Tools and Utilites

Suggested name: Dont mind

What I want:
A simple skript that allows staff with a permission to click on a player's name in chat to open up a menu which will have the options: kick, ban and mute.

Ideas for commands: none

Ideas for permissions: staff.punish

When I'd like it by: ASAP :emoji_slight_smile:

Please note: I will not be using this for personal use, I'm new to Skript so I want to learn from people's creations. This means you do not need to make your Skript too complex, just simple enough for me to understand and expand on. I read this as something you can do with SKQuery and I immediately wanted to find out how to do it. Thanks
Somelike this on my way...

Need Json Api

on chat:
    cancel event
    json("@a", "%player%||cmd:/guitorantermkjhdhj %player%||>> %message%")
command /guitorantermkjhdhj <player>:
        if player has permission "Staff.Punish":
            open chest with 3 rows named "Punish %arg-1%" to player
            set slot 9 of player's current inventory to stick named "&6Kick %arg-1%"
            set slot 14 of player's current inventory to blaze rod named "&6Ban %arg-1%"
            set slot 18 of player's current inventory to wood named "&6Mute %arg-1%"
on inventory click:
    if inventory name of player's current inventory contains "Punish ":
        cancel event
        set {_n} to uncolored clicked name
        if {_n} is set:
            make player execute command "%{_n}%"