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Chest password

Discussion in 'Requests' started by David, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. David

    David Member

    Jan 31, 2017
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    as I do for when I open a chest I have to put a 3 digit password, but through the gui menu, the example is in this video:
  2. TPGamesNL

    Supporter Addon Developer Dev Programme

    Jan 20, 2018
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    Is this good?
    Code (Skript):
    1. options:
    2.     pin-code-length: 4
    3.     override-permission: admin
    5. on right click on chest:
    6.     cancel event
    7.     open virtual chest inventory with 5 rows named "&aChest lock" to player
    8.     loop 9 times:
    9.         make gui slot (loop-number + 3 + (round((loop-number +1)/ 3) * 6)) of player with loop-number of gray concrete named "&e%loop-number%" to run function enterPassNumber(player, loop-number)
    10.     make gui slot 23 of player with red concrete named "&eReset password" to run function resetPassNumbers(player)
    11.     if player has permission "{@override-permission}":
    12.         make gui slot 25 of player with yellow concrete named "&eForce open (Admin only)" to run function forceOpen(player, event-block)
    13.     while name of player's current inventory contains "&aChest lock":
    14.         if size of {enteredpass::%player%::*} >= {@pin-code-length}:
    15.             set {_pass::*} to {enteredpass::%player%::*}
    16.             exit loop
    17.         wait 1 tick
    18.     delete {enteredpass::%player%::*}
    19.     {_pass::*} is set
    20.     set {_inp} to join {_pass::*} with ""
    21.     remove gui slot 23 of player
    22.     remove gui slot 25 of player
    23.     if {_inp} is {chestpassword::%location of event-block%}:
    24.         play sound "UI_BUTTON_CLICK" at location of player for player
    25.         make gui slot 24 of player with chest named "&eOpen chest" to run function openPassChest(player, event-block)
    26.         make gui slot 25 of player with name tag named "&eDelete password" to close then run function deletePassChest(event-block)
    27.     else if {chestpassword::%location of event-block%} is not set:
    28.         make gui slot 24 of player with green concrete named "&eConfirm pass" to close then run function setChestPass(player, event-block, {_inp})
    29.     else:
    30.         play sound "BLOCK_ANVIL_LAND" with volume .5 at location of player for player
    31.         close inventory of player
    33. function enterPassNumber(p: player, n: integer):
    34.     add {_n} to {enteredpass::%{_p}%::*}
    36. function resetPassNumbers(p: player):
    37.     delete {enteredpass::%{_p}%::*}
    39. function openPassChest(p: player, b: block):
    40.     open block at {_b} to {_p}
    42. function setChestPass(p: player, b: block, pass: text):
    43.     set {_loc} to location of {_b}
    44.     set {chestpassword::%{_loc}%} to {_pass}
    45.     play sound "entity_experience_orb_pickup" at {_p} for {_p}
    47. function deletePassChest(b: block):
    48.     set {_loc} to location of {_b}
    49.     delete {chestpassword::%{_loc}%}
    51. function forceOpen(p: player, b: block):
    52.     set {_loc} to location of {_b}
    53.     set {_l::*} to split {chestpassword::%{_loc}%} at ""
    54.     set {_i} to size of {_l::*}
    55.     delete {_l::%{_i}%}
    56.     set {enteredpass::%{_p}%::*} to {_l::*}
    58. on break:
    59.     set {_loc} to location of event-block
    60.     delete {chestpassword::%{_loc}%}

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