Chest loot every 10 seconds

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Jun 23, 2017
I have a question, how can i do that the chestfill fills the chest every 10 seconds?

My script:

on load:
    delete {random.item.list::*}
    add 2 diamond to {random.item.list::*}
    add 2 iron ingot to {random.item.list::*}
    add 2 leather to {random.item.list::*}
    add 2 tnt to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 flint and steel to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 golden apple to {random.item.list::*}
    add 4 cooked beef to {random.item.list::*}
    add 32 stone to {random.item.list::*}
    add 32 cobblestone to {random.item.list::*}
    add 4 cooked porkchop to {random.item.list::*}
    add 32 planks to {random.item.list::*}
    add 2 apple to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 stone sword to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 stone pickaxe to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 stone axe to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 leather leggings to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 leather boots to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 leather chestplate to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 leather helmet to {random.item.list::*}
    add 4 snowball to {random.item.list::*}
    add 4 arrow to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 bow to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 iron sword to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 iron pickaxe to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 iron axe to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 iron leggings to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 iron boots to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 iron chestplate to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 iron helmet to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 diamond sword to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 diamond pickaxe to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 diamond axe to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 diamond boots to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 diamond leggings to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 diamond helmet to {random.item.list::*}
    add 1 diamond chestplate to {random.item.list::*}
    wait 1 tick
    execute console command "/chest"
    create timer "chestzeit" for 10 seconds
command /chest:
        loop blocks in radius 1 around {chestloc}:
            if loop-block is a chest:
                clear loop-block's inventory
                set {_item} to a random number between 3 and 6
                loop {_item} times:
                    set {_randomitem} to random element out of {random.item.list::*}
                    add {_randomitem} to the loop-block's inventory
command /setloc:
        set {chestloc} to player's position

on timer complete:
    stop timer "chestzeit"
    execute console command "/chest"
    create timer "chestzeit" for 10 seconds

Thank you
Not open for further replies.