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Checkers board game with Armor Stands and Skript

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by death source, May 21, 2021.

  1. death source

    death source New Member

    Jun 25, 2020
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    Have you always wanted to play board games with your friends, but find it impossible to do so on Minecraft? Welcome to Skript Checkers!

    View attachment 6091

    Permission: (permission name) - Permission needed for Checkers commands.
    Prefix: (prefix) - Prefix in the commands

    /Checkers Spawn - Spawns a checkers game
    /Checkers Despawn - Despawns target checkers game
    /Checkers Help - Sends the help message
    /Checkers Removesingle - Removes target armor stand
    /Checkers Despawnall - Removes all checkers-related armor stands
    /Checkers Blackchecker - Spawns a new black checker
    /Checkers Whitechecker - Spawns a new white checker

    Right click on a checker to make it lift up, move around until it's in the right place, and right click again, it'll go down to the board. If anything goes wrong despawn the board and respawn it.

    Skript (+2.5)
    Skbee (+1.10)

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