Case Opening Skript

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Mar 16, 2019
Hello Skunoty Community!

I'd like to have an Case Opening Skript for my 1.12 Server. It should be like that... on the spawn is a chest and when the player click them the case opening started. Have anyone of you so a skript?

sry I'm german and have an bad english...
Please use the format and please explain it better. I think we can u derstand it better with Google Translate than with your plain translated text
Translation made by me:
Hello Skunity Community!
I'd like to have a Case Opening Skript for my 1.12.X Server. It should be like that: There's a chest on the spawn that if a player clicks it, it starts to do the "animation" (not sure which) of the opening process of the case. Does anyone got a Skript like that or similar? And if not, can you make it for me?
I hope that you understand better what he's saying.
I made this before, would you like something like this: