Can someone make an simple skript to delete blocks?

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Tyler Crain

May 9, 2021
I am making a PVP arena in a multiverse world in which you can place blocks sorta like Hypixel's pit but I need a way so that after 5 minutes the block that any player has placed will get deleted and I have everything else I need but I can't find a plugin like that online and I don't know how to code scripts.
on place:
    set {db.%event-location%.%player%} to event-location
    wait 5 minutes
    if {db.%event-location%.%player%} is set:
        set block at event-location to air
        clear {db.%event-location%.%player%}
    else if {db.%event-location%.%player%} is not set:

on break:
    loop all players:
        if {db.%event-location%.%loop-player%} is set:
            clear {db.%event-location%.%loop-player%}
Most easy:
on place:
  if player's gamemode isn't creative:
    wait 5 minutes
    set event-block to air