can someone explain to me how loops works

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Feb 24, 2017
Skript version:

every 5 second:
    loop {minigame::*}:
        give iron sword named "Good luck" with lore "Survive" to loop-value
what I trying here is to check the player of my mini-game and give them a emerald ore (I know I set iron sword but is an example of what im trying to do) to spawn creepers and if the creeper kill someone gives point to the owner of the creeper.

every 2 minutes:
    loop {creeper::*}:
        kill loop-entity
every 2 minutes I want to clear the map of creepers to avoid lag and I'm sure I can do that with loops.

every 5 minutes:
    loop {place_blocks::*}:
        set event-block to air
I also want to gives the players blocks so they can made their own structures but for five minutes and I need to remove the block. Again I sure I can do that with loops.

I have some other things but I wanna make sure if I'm correct first and if someone explains to me how loops works and hot looping variables works try to figure this out by my self. Thanks for reading this I really hope you can help me.

I wanna know how works loops are someone makes me a tutorial I will really appreciate.

please don't tell me to read this because I have
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