Can somebody make a tutorial called HOW TO WRITE A SKRIPT ADDON

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Sorry, wrong link, try this one: [X]
I think it's basically a thing in which you put files in, and the addon 'scans' for patterns in the script. If there is a pattern, it enable (for example) messaging when someone does the command (for example) /message

Here's what you need for any help hooking your addon into skript:
Can somebody make this?

I'm a skript noob, i only know how to register basic events

Some code (from my old project)

1: make a spigot event
package me.mindgamesnl.openaudiomc.publicApi;

import org.bukkit.event.Event;
import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
import org.bukkit.event.HandlerList;

public class SoundEndEvent extends Event {

    Player p;
    String id;
    public SoundEndEvent(Player player, String id) {
        this.p = player; = id;
    public Player getPlayer() {
        return p;
    public String getId() {
        return id;
    private static final HandlerList handlers = new HandlerList();

    public HandlerList getHandlers() {
       return handlers;

    public static HandlerList getHandlerList() {
       return handlers;

2: register it in skript
public void onEnable() {
    Skript.registerEvent("OpenAudio sound end", SimpleEvent.class, me.mindgamesnl.openaudiomc.publicApi.SoundEndEvent.class, "audio sound end", "audio sound end");
    EventValues.registerEventValue(me.mindgamesnl.openaudiomc.publicApi.SoundEndEvent.class, String.class, new Getter < String, SoundEndEvent > () {
        public String get(SoundEndEvent e) {
            return e.getId();
    }, 0);
    EventValues.registerEventValue(me.mindgamesnl.openaudiomc.publicApi.SoundEndEvent.class, Player.class, new Getter < Player, SoundEndEvent > () {
        public Player get(SoundEndEvent e) {
            return e.getPlayer();
    }, 0);

this registers the event and getters

the skript event:
on audio sound end:
   broadcast "the sound %event-string% ended for %event-player%"

gets triggerd everytime the java events gets triggerd

(This is probs not the best solution so pls correct me where i'm wrong)