Bungee Variables & Bungee Commands

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Jun 8, 2017
Hi ! The addon will be on 1.12 ! (nothing works at this time to have cross-variables -> mysql down, csv files can't be used by multiple servers, skellettproxy down, redis down).
As the title said it, I would that one of the famous developers that are on skunity make an addon that adds support for bungeecord by two things:

Bungee Variables:

set bungee variable "variable" to "value"
delete bungee variable "variable"

add "value" to bungee list "variable::*"
set bungee list "variable::"index"" to "value"
remove "value" from bungee list "variable::*"
clear bugnee list "variable::*"

set {_value::*} to "variable::*"
set {_value} to "variable::"index""
set {_value} to "variable"

Bungee Commands:

bungee console command "command" over server1

So there will be one jar file in each server's folder and one jar file on bungeecord's plugin's folder.
There will be a config file to set server name, port and ip (localhost for me :emoji_slight_smile:.

I hope that someone will make it :emoji_slight_smile:
[doublepost=1501333657,1501253991][/doublepost]Nobody need it ?
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Im not using mysql built-in , using Skellett mysql and it's working fine.
Can you send me how to do it please ? :emoji_slight_smile: (and mostly how to get variables -that we've already set- from mysql)
[doublepost=1502034413,1502028736][/doublepost]Well i would prefer so much a plugin :/ I don't understand on how to have lists.
If i have to check if a player has bought something, what should I do ? What columns should i create ?