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Feb 1, 2017
Category: Admin

Suggested name: BugReporterSk

What I want:
A player types in /bugreport <text> and they can report a bug. Then Globally (bungee) admins will get a message in chat saying "&5&lREPORT &dNew report has been added, now there are %number of reports <- only accepted ones% bug reports." Then the Admin can do /bugreports, and it will bring up a GUI with all of the reports. (report item should be the bug reporter's head), when you hover over the item it will tell you when it was made, the message, the player rank, and name, and maybe what server they were reporting this on. Then the admin can click on the head item, and it will bring up a new gui, saying "ACCEPT" in green clay, and "Deny" .If you click deny it will be removed for ever. When clicking accept it will rename the head to "ACCEPTED - Bug 1"
"ACCEPTED - Bug 2" and so on..
Then... if the player has the permission "bugreports.change", they can click on the accepted bugs and they can remove it after the owner fixed the bug. If the player does not have that permission, nothing will happen when they click the accepted bug report.

Ideas for commands:
/bugreport <text>

Ideas for permissions:
/bugreport <text> - No Permission
/bugreports - bugreports.see

When I'd like it by: A reasonable time