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Block Sounds

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by AsuDev, May 22, 2019.

  1. AsuDev


    Jan 27, 2017
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    Block Sounds
    Block sounds is a script that allows you to play sounds at locations in an infinite loop.

    - Play sounds at blocks with an endless loop
    - Easy to use commands to setup sound locations

    Permission is 'sounds' for all of the commands.

    /addsound <ID> <sound> <volume> <pitch> <length secs>
    Adds a sound to the sound database. <ID> can be anything you want, <sound> is the name of the sound ex. 'block.anvil.land', <volume> is the range of the sound (note: 1 volume = 16 block radius), <pitch> is the frequency, and <length secs> is how long the sound is.

    Note: Setting <length secs> is important so the code knows when to repeat a sound.

    /removesound <ID>
    Deletes a sound from the sound database.

    Lists all sounds in sound database.

    /setsound <ID>
    Attaches a sound to your targeted block.

    Gets all sounds being played at targeted block.

    Lists of all sound block locations and what sounds are playing at them (Click to teleport to them)

    /removeblocksound <ID>
    Removes a sound from targeted block.

    Removes all sounds from targeted block.

    1. Create a sound ID with /addsound
    2. Use /setsound <ID> while looking at a block to attach sound.
    3. That's all! Other commands are for managing sounds and sound blocks.

    Required Plugins
    Skript Bensku Fork 2.3.6
    Skript-Mirror 0.19.1

    Extra Information
    I have not tested this on 1.14.1 or newest Skript version. Let me know if it works or not.

    1. Players who join after a sound is played cannot hear it. I do not know if it is possible to fix this but they will hear the sound once it loops again.

    Video Showcase
    In this video, you can hear birds chirping, water fountains, and a blacksmith hammering away on an anvil. These are sounds in a custom resource pack that are used with this script.

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