Block Display

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New Member
Sep 9, 2022
As they're not supported by skript at the moment, this script allows the easy creation of block display entities with block type and scaling. May require Skbee and/or Skquery, I haven't tested it without.
Spawned block displays align to the xyz axis by default. This can be disabled by adding "-axis" at the end of the command. All spawned display entities spawn at the same level as the player's.
Server must be 1.19.4+ for this to work!

Commands & Examples:
/bd [block] - summons new block display with defined block.
/bd [block] -axis - summons new block display disconnected from the xyz axis.
/bd [block] scale [number] - scales the block display entity by defined amount.
/bd delete - deletes one block display entity in radius of 1.5 of the player. (Note: The entity's hitbox DOES NOT extend with the scaling! You must be right next to the hitbox to delete the entity. Using f3+b is very helpful in finding it.)
/bd delete all - deletes all block entities.

Note: Some blocks currently don't work with block displays at all (ex. end_gateway). Block NBTs seem to not work as well, so each summoned block display has only their associated block's default NBT values.

Since this skript uses default minecraft commands, setting the sendCommandFeedback gamerule to false cleans up the chat a bit.