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New Member
May 18, 2021
bitterSK is a skript replicate of TuSKe/skript-gui using skript-reflect and vanilla skript. Since Vanilla GUIs are better than other GUI managers (i don't know why), this was created...

All effects are the same as TuSKe simple GUIs, some effects may be added later on if it is requested.

Only tried on 1.16 but with 1.12+ it should be working.

We offer you fewer bugs and glitches than TuSKe. It has even speed with TuSKe and there should be no issues with memory usage.

It is better than skQuery even if god slow my skript 1 million times, it is faster and better than skQuery.

It's not faster than Vanilla GUIs but like Skript's whole aim is trying to be easier to read and understandable, bitterSK is easier to read and more understandable than Vanilla GUIs.

  • Skript
  • Skript-Mirror/Skript-reflect
Also if there was an appropriate benchmarking tool let me know.
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