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Aug 2, 2018
Bees+ is my latest Skript creation from my tutorial series. I hope you enjoy the Skript because my goal with it was to add a little bit more functionality to the beehive. Below is a list of all features.

Bees+ is not featuring a lot of different features, it only adds a GUI for beehives. Right click a beehive to open the GUI. In here you can collect combs and honey over time!

The following plugins / addons are needed, the versions I used are behind:
- Skript SkQuery SkRayFall v. 1.9.8

License / Credits
do not sell or re-upload my Skript whilst claiming it is yours

As I say in every post, my code is not made to be advanced as the code is used in my tutorial series. Further does the "supported versions" indicate which versions of Minecraft are tested. With bees+ it is the case it doesn't work without bees, but if it doesn't work at an other version, please do not blame me.
When there are more versions with bees, please let me know if it works at other versions if you have tested it.