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Battle Box

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Zackwall, May 4, 2022.

  1. Zackwall

    Zackwall New Member

    Apr 21, 2022
    Likes Received:
    Battle Box is a PVP/CTO-based game on MC Championship, introduced in MCC 2, as the first additional game in the event after the original 8 games in season 1.

    - Leaderboards | with placeholders
    - Spectator mode
    - Stats

    /battlebox close | closes the minigame
    /battlebox open | opens the minigame
    /battlebox GUI | opens the GUI
    /battlebox join [arena] | joins the game
    /battlebox leave | leave the game
    /battlebox list | sends a list of all maps
    /battlebox stats [player] | sends player stats
    /battlebox leaderboard | sends a leaderboard for top 10 players
    /battlebox create [arena] | creates an arena
    /battlebox delete [arena] | deletes the arena
    /battlebox setlobby [arena] | sets the waiting lobby location for arena
    /battlebox setkit [item] [1-4] [arena] | sets the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or fourth kit for arena
    /battlebox setitemspawn [item] [1-8] [arena] | sets the item spawn location for arena
    /battlebox setkitloc [red/blue] [arena] | sets team blue or red kit loc for arena
    /battlebox setstartloc [red/blue] [arena] | sets the starting location for arena
    /battlebox reload | reloads the plugin
    Commands below requires wand
    /battlebox wand | gives a stick to set certain stuff
    /battlebox setkitselector [button/wall] [1-4] [red/blue] [arena] | sets the kit selector for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th button or wall for red or blue team in arena
    /battlebox setgoal [arena] | sets the goal
    /battlebox setgate [blue/red] [arena] | sets the gate for red or blue team in arena
  2. Xupipi

    Xupipi Member

    Sep 4, 2022
    Likes Received:
    OK,I want have it BUT I dont know Why NOT have Zacklhf#0335, ITs air!
    MY discord is Xupipi#2652
    PLZ YOUR give ME

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