Balloons - Custom balloon maker

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death source

New Member
Jun 25, 2020
This script is an incredibly useful resource for all servers.
It enables you to make small or massive balloons, attached by a lead, at any place on your server.
It's great decoration, and can make very interesting minigames!

Includes adjustable settings.

List of commands (you can replace the item argument by putting "hand", which will make the balloon type the tool you are using):
  • /balloon help - sends list of commands
  • /balloon follower (any item) - creates a balloon that follows you
  • /balloon big (any item) - creates a large balloon
  • /balloon small (any item) - creates a minuscule balloon
  • /balloon medium (any item) - creates a medium sized balloon
  • /balloon delete - gives a stick used for removing unwanted balloons.

When making a balloon with a block with more than 1 word (e.g. spruce planks), do not use underscores (_)! Instead, just space it out. Example:
/balloon big spruce planks
That's it!

Configurable in-game
Default settings are "balloons" and "balloon.delete"

Instructions to use:
Download the .sk file provided.
Download (if you don't have them) these 3 plugins:
Skript, SkQuery, and Skbee
Make sure they are all fully updated (this works on Minehut)!
Restart the server.
Add the file to the "scripts" folder inside the skript plugin.
Perform the command "/sk reload balloons", this will cause a lag spike for about 5 seconds, while it reloads.
You're done!

If you have a question, want to improve on the script, or want to report bugs, feel free to do so either here, or dm me at my discord (you can find it in the script!)

Don't forget to leave a review, it helps a lot!!