Auto Rooms / Hotel system

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New Member
Feb 11, 2019
In ur heart
Room / Hotel System
/spawn » send you to spawn
/Room » sent you to your room
/Room (player name) » sent you to a player room
/Room (player name) delete » delete player room (REQUIREMENT PERMISSION !)
/settingroom » Rooms menu

The skript easy to change !
[SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=droid sans]hperfix: &3&lROOMS &8»
#make sure u don't put more then 12!
#house size 5 is 10x10 !
#house size 12 is 24x24 !
house-size: 7

#witch world you wannt the world system to be !
world: world

#Spawn location
world-spawn: world
spawn-location: 308, 67, -105

#Permission for the admins !
House-delete-permission: house.delete

#this is the X, Y, Z u don't need to change them!
x.h.h: 1300
y.h.h: 20
z.h.h: 1300

#In the room players can build !
#Build or place out of the rooms
#Use true or false only !
#works only for players whos not op
build-deny: true
break-deny: true

#House design !
floor: Dark Oak Wood Plank
walls: Bricks
roof: Glowstone

#make it "true" to make sure turn on the nether star
netherstar: true
netherstar-slot: 8
netherstar-name: &6&lMENU

For any type of help use this link