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Offering Paid AsuDev Scripts [1.8.8-1.14.4]

Discussion in 'Offering' started by AsuDev, May 26, 2019.

  1. AsuDev


    Jan 27, 2017
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    About Me
    My name is Ryan and I am 20 years old. I have been using Skript for around 4.5 years now and have became better and better at using it. I have put in many hours (at least a thousand, probably more) in using Skript and making different scripts.

    Discord is the only way to contact me: AsuDev#0714

    Speed - I usually have a lot of time on my hands so most scripts will probably not take long to make.
    Efficiency - I write to the best of my ability and try to make scripts as efficient and space efficient as possible.
    Customization - I usually leave a lot of customization available for the buyer to change or edit things at their own leisure (This is only at request).

    Support - I will provide support, fix bugs, and add small additions to the purchased script if asked.

    Prices will vary based on the script. This includes size of the script and the difficulty associated with it. To give a reference though, the absolute minimum I will charge for any script is $5. I can also provide a quote before purchase.

    Terms of Service
    1. Scammers will be reported.
    2. Toxicity will lead to a canceled script. I will use screenshots for proof.
    3. If buyer cancels script after payment, I keep 50% of the money for wasted time.
    4. I would prefer a good English speaker. This is not required though.

    I have worked on many servers and networks in the past but I have no definitive proof of that since I did not really keep track of everyone I worked for.
    1. I am active on the help forums right now so you can see different posts where I try to help other people.
    2. I have some resources available.

    3. Vouch from Sixbits#5449 owner of The Spire Network. You can ask him yourself or join their discord server @ https://discord.gg/YrCVuvD
    4. Vouch from Zabrid#0001 owner of SpaceMC.
    5. Vouch from Jayden owner of MineStruck. You can talk to him on their discord server @ https://discord.gg/Z4uzCCT
    6. You can also ask these other discord users who I have worked with in the past:
    Yoota#0001, Muffin#0007, Cookies_Nom#7426, LeYe#9126
    #1 AsuDev, May 26, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
  2. Zabrid


    Mar 2, 2019
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    Developer is really nice and professional. He did what I wanted and helped me set it up, as I had some problems. He made my skript exactly as I wanted with no bugs. He has made me over 5 scripts for me, and they have all worked perfectly.
  3. Chillax

    Chillax Member

    Nov 23, 2019
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    AsuDev is one of the most well manured and reliable developers I have ever met, He completed a skript within hours of my request at a high level higher then expected along with the amazing skript followed wonderful support with the skript which is something alot of clients strive for from there developers.

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