Armor Stand Projectiles

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Aug 13, 2021
Category: Request or Help

Suggested name: BlasterCode

Spigot/Skript Version: 1.16.5

What I want:
I need the code, or at least knowledge of the code on how to make custom projectiles like you see on Hypixel or Mineplex. I couldn't find anything online even though it's such a crucial part of some minigames. It needs to be straight flying, and not collide with blocks when flying near the ground (But once the projectile model hits the ground it disappears). The projectile is launched when clicked on a golden shovel and I have the previously tried code here:
on right click with a golden shovel:
    if durability of event-item is 0:
        spawn 1 armor stand at player
        push last spawned entity in direction of player at speed 3
        set name of last spawned entity to "Blueteam"
        set helmet of last spawned entity to blue stained glass
        set {_sound} to random integer between 1 and 2
        if {_sound} is 1:
            play sound "blastershot1" with volume 1 and pitch 1 at player for all players
            play sound "blastershot2" with volume 1 and pitch 1 at player for all players
        remove golden shovel from player
        if slot 0 of player is air:
            send "&cNo more ammo!"
The armor stand is spawned and flies, but it's horizontal speed decreases and gravity pulls it down. Maybe also make it so that the projectile dies after 300 blocks or something to prevent lag, and the armor stand needs to be invisible. The name of the armor stand is so that the damage code I'm working on can tell the difference between shots from the Blue Team or shots from the Red Team. Also that sound code for some reason doesn't work, it's a resource pack sound I'm trying to get into the game, it's weird cause native sounds will work in this code. On a side note, the reason why I'm checking item durability is for the reload animation which I haven't finished yet.

Ideas for permissions:
No permissions needed for this code
When I'd like it by:

Very soon if possible, but I don't know how long a script like this could take. It has to be done within two weeks though at the latest so before the 29th
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