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Mar 12, 2017
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Below you will find the template for the skUnity Developer Programme application.

Applications are private - they will be visible only to our evaluation team, and not to other users.

If your application is denied you may apply again, provided your resource now meets the requirements. If you are unsure about why your application was denied you may contact me.
Please do not pester skUnity staff about the status of your application - we are busy and will reply when we are ready to.

Please copy the template into a new thread and fill in all sections of the application to the best of your ability, as this will better enable us to evaluate it and help you.
If you have any questions about the programme or the application process, please contact me.

More information on the skUnity Developer Programme can be found here.

Application Template (Copy to a new thread and fill in!)
Your Name:
Discord Username/Tag:
Project Name:
Short Description of Project:

Project Repository URL (if applicable):

What makes your project important:

What features would you require:

Any other comments/questions:

Your Name: Kenzie
Discord Username/Tag: Mackenbee#0001
Project Name: Cool-Skript-Highlighter
Short Description of Project:
A cool Skript highlighter to make code more readable and to help users find bugs.
It has the features X, Y and Z. It also has A, B and C.

Project Repository URL (if applicable):

What makes your project important:
My project helps users spot errors in their code and makes reading Skript code easier.
It also helps beginner users work out what is right and wrong.

What features would you require:
I would like a space for documentation for my project, and to find somebody to help me work out the layout/design.
I would also like to use the skUnity API.

Any other comments/questions:
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