Appearing and dissapearing particle trails in skript?

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Sep 24, 2023
How do you make particle trails appear and disappear using skript?

I want to make it so when I right click an item I get particle trail for set amount of ticks

For more explanation:

I am making a leap ability where by right clicking an item you get pushed up and forwards, I have done the leap and now I want to add a trail that spawns in for a few seconds after you have right clicked the item.

Here is my code so far:

on right click:

if player's held item is totem of undying named "&e&lLeap":
send "You have used &a&lLeap" to player
play sound "entity.bat.takeoff" at volume 100 to player
push player up at speed 0.3
push player forward at speed 1
set player's max health to 8
FYI: that’s what particles are.
Note: this requires skbee

draw 20 of [particle name] at location of player

This was not tested
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