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Jan 26, 2017
When loading my scripts, I get this error a lot:
[20:08:01 WARN]: [Skript] the UUID of the player is already a text, so you should not put it in one (e.g. the UUID of the player instead of "%the UUID of the player%") (, line 499: if hasPermission("%uuid of player%", "builder") is false:')

I know I COULD take out the "% %" from expressions like "uuid of player", but you never know how Skript will handle parsing things and a lot of code not working is just due to Skript not thinking it's the right type, so I'd really like to leave it in there, and that way I'm sure that it doesn't mess up due to parsing.

So, is there an option to suppress this error? It's really annoying and it seems like it was added recently.

Hopefully this makes sense. Thx
but its telling you that the uuid of player is a text so its obviously parsing it correctly so idk why you dont wanna remove the percents/quotes
I've had problems with earlier versions of Skript doing weird things with my code just because it doesn't think that an obvious text is a text. If there was a way to suppress these errors, it would be awesome.

Plus I have like 10,000 lines of code I would need to change if I wanted to switch everything over.
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