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I'm Poppy
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Nov 27, 2016
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Hi everyone,

We've introduced a new way to advertise on skUnity Forums. We've currently allowed 2 locations; one is above the Sponsors box on the sidebar and the other is after the first post of a thread. There is a limit to the number of adverts in each area which is currently 2. There are many areas we can allow people to advertise, but as this is still quite a new system, it's going be limited for now.

To advertise across the forums you must first apply to become an advertiser. There is a link near the bottom of every page right next to the Contact Us button. You can also use this fancy button:

Apply to become an Advertiser!

(if you get "Route advertisements/become-advertiser could not be found.", then you're already an advertiser)
All you need to do is put in a description of what adverts you'll likely be showing. Once you've applied, I'll review the application and approve the application. Under the user control panel, a new area will open. The advertisements section. This section lets you buy a section for a specific time-frame. There are reduced prices for VIP and VIP+ users (we'll be rolling out lowered prices for other donors in the near future). Prices are likely to change as we get a grasp of what a good or bad price is and the time-frames attached to them. Currently the pricing looks like:

Area|Regular Pricing|VIP/VIP+ Pricing
Sidebar|$10 for 14 days|$7 for 14 days
After First Post|$7 for 7 days|$5 for 7 days

I am after feedback of pricing! Please do say if you think the prices are good or bad.


Why? Why is skUnity advertising? You haven't advertised before.
A: While we're very grateful of the people who have donated to skUnity, it's just that the donation is a one time thing. We rely on new people donating to skUnity in order to cover the costs of the services we provide. Advertising lets us generate a somewhat regular income to cover costs.

Q: Why not use AdSense or another advertising service?
A: We could use an advertising service and probably generate higher, consistent income however I'd much prefer to support other peoples projects and services by letting them advertise to a Minecraft communtiy

Q: What is or isn't allowed?
A: Obvious things aren't allowed, anything that breaks the rules, pornographic adverts or adverts that are in distaste. We do reserve the right to remove adverts, but hope we don't need to! We'd prefer adverts that are Minecraft related.

Q: What about the sponsors box?
A: The sponsors box is a place not for advertising, but for businesses and other projects to team-up with skUnity. If you're interested in that, then please contact me via PM.

Q: I have a question that isn't here!
A: Please PM me or just post here. I'll be more than happy to answer it.

As above; if you have any questions or comments, please do say. I love feedback from everyone.

Obvious things are allowed, anything that breaks the rules, pornographic adverts or adverts that are in distaste.
shouldn't this be "Obvious things that aren't allowed: anything that breaks the rules, pornographic adverts or adverts that are in distaste." instead?