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AdvancedSS screenshare tool

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Gioggino, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. Gioggino

    Gioggino New Member

    Dec 31, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Simplify the way of screensharing in your minecraft server!
    AdvancedSS is a very customizable, simple, lightweight, and easy-to-learn free Skript tool made for server's staff to simplify screensharing.
    - Send screenshare alert to player
    - Teleport suspect player to screenshare warp/world
    - Freeze player
    - Clear inventory
    - Private chat with custom format
    - Different tablist view
    - Fast tempban actions
    - Very customizable
    - Cool formatting :emoji_wink:

    Compatible with:
    - PermissionsEX
    - GroupManager
    - zPermissions
    - Multiverse

    Known Issues:
    - Infinite screenshare requests
    - End screenshare if it didn't started
    - <player> in suggested commands

    /ss <player> = send a screenshare request
    - /ss <player> [<text>] = add an optional custom message to the request
    - /ss <player> end = ends the screenshare
    - /sshelp <number> = opens the help page
    - /ssreload = reload the plugin

    - advancedss.screenshare = Permission to use the screenshare command
    - advancedss.help = Permission to use the help command
    - advancedss.reload = Permission to reload the plugin (give this only to those who have access to server's console)

    - Skript 2.5+
    - Spigot/Paper 1.9+ (Bukkit and Craftbukkit doesn't works)

    No others extra dependencies needed: this will improve your server and skript performance.
    Note: Paper is recommended for several reasons like speed and performance
    100% compatible Minecraft versions:
    - 1.9.4
    - 1.10.2
    - 1.11
    - 1.12.2
    - 1.13.2
    - 1.14.4
    - 1.15.2
    - 1.16.4

    Note: Skript supports only the latest patch versions of Minecraft 1.9+. For example, this means that 1.16.4 is supported, but 1.16.3 is not. Testing with all old patch versions is not feasible for us.
    1) Install Skript plugin
    2) Download the file "advancedss.sk"
    3) Put the file into: yourserver\plugins\Skript\scripts
    4) Start the server and enjoy the Skript!


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