Ability to climb walls

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Aug 23, 2018
Question: how to implement the ability to climb walls for the player (like spider mode)
the only reasonable thing i can think of is to make the "spider" player see vines in every wall and change the texture to nothing.

apart from this i'd just do something jump related OR make the player ride an invisible spider whenever the climbing happens
A few days ago I actually tried to do this by pushing the player up the wall on a right-click as I couldn't make anything else work, however it was really buggy and unstable so I didn't post it. I'll put it here if you are super desperate.
on rightclick:
    distance between player and player's targeted block is less than 2:
        player's pitch is between 64 and -64:
            push player upwards with speed .4
I suppose there is no way to simulate that each wall has a ladder, it would be very complicated.
internally in minecraft, how do spiders climb?