AAAC - AdvancedAntiAutoClicker

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New Member
Jul 15, 2022
Hi! My name is pingwinek and i want to proudly present the first version of AAAC.

AAAC contains a variety of modern checks that are present in many anticheats. I started this project around 5 weeks ago when i got the idea to utilize algorithms when detecting autoclicking in skript. It works preety well but keep in mind that it is simply a proof of concept not viable in production. Feedback is welcome and will be taken into account if i'm going to update this resource.

Needed plugins:

- Skript
- Skquery

View attachment 7498
did u just put an empty line after every line to make the script seem longer lol
That's just how i indent my code to make it more readable for myself, not to trick anyone. Besides how does the amount of code impact the quality of the script?