A very simple mcmmo

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Feb 24, 2017
Category: fun I guess

Suggested name:
Spigot/Skript Version:
1.14 skript version for the new 1.14
What I want:
A just need a very simple mcmmo to play in my server with my friends I don't need permission for this skript just keep it simple.

On right click with the tools like sword, axe, pickaxe every 2 minutes I can brake the blocks a little faster. Opcional if you do the level up like mcmmo(the sword just deal like the regular damage +0.5)

Trash command so no one has to trow everything into the floor.

Ideas for commands:
/trash - I need a gui to place the trash and get rid of the useless items.

Ideas for permissions:
No permissions

When I'd like it by: 5 days after skript 1.14 get released
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