a Skript that prevents players from getting over protection 3 armor and sharpness 3 swords

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Oct 19, 2023
In more detail i want a skript so if people try to obtain protection 4 and sharpness 4 and 5 from villagers,combining or enchanting it replaces it with protection 3,sharpness 3 or just removes the item as a whole. If you dont want to or you cant, i appreciate your decision.
Try this for the sword thing, should make it so whenever a sword or axe or trident that has over sharp 3 gets clicked inside the inventory (like an anvil or etable) it deletes it and gives u a sharp 3 one.
on inventory click:
    event-item is a sword or an axe or a trident of sharpness 4 or sharpness 5:
        remove event-item from player
        set {_d} to event-item
        enchant {_d} with sharpness 3
        give {_d} to player