3rd Life

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New Member
May 6, 2021
Inspired by the new 3rd Life series on YouTube!

You have three lives. Two to survive, one to hunt down and kill. Your goal is to survive. After your first death, you turn yellow. After your second death, you turn red and your new goal is to eliminate your new enemies. If you die again, you're out for good. Happy Hunting!

-WorldBorder control
-Spawn control
-Permissions support
-Easy-to-use options
-Configurable commands

Permission Node(s)
thirdlife.admin - required node for all commands

All reset commands cannot be undone.
/thirdlife - shows command Usage
/thirdlife teams reset - Deletes the Vanilla teams used for colorizing names
/thirdlife teams setup - Adds the Vanilla teams required for colorizing names
/thirdlife reset - Resets all saved data for the 3rd Life script
/thirdlife border on - Enables the border in all dimensions
/thirdlife border off - Disables the border in all dimensions (border is disabled by default)

Required Addon(s)
SkBee required for tab completion. Set "scoreboard: false" in plugins/SkBee/config.yml otherwise nametag colors will not work.

Version Support
This script has only been tested on 1.16.

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