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Addon [1.8 - 1.12] skLib 1.1.0

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WheezyGold7931 updated [1.8 - 1.12] skLib with a new update entry:

v1.1.0 - RediSK Merge, Chunk Relight


Removed MD5 (it is in Skript)
Removed Always True/False (it is in Skript)
Full Merge with RediSK (Same syntax check the wiki)
Added Chunkrelight Effect​

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  • Hi ! What is this:
  • Redis Connected | Expression | redis connected | set {_bool} to redis connectet
  • Are redis variables compatible with lists ?
  • Redis variables:
  • set redis variable "variable" to "value"
  • set {_value} to redis variable "variable"
  • Lists:
  • First Time: set redis variable "variable::*" to "value"
  • Then: add {_value} to redis variable "variable::*"
  • How to send commands over some channels ?:
  • send redis console command "/kill %player%" ?
  • What's a redis server ?:
  • code_language.skript:
    redis-port: 6379   #The port of your redis server (You should not change this)
    [*]redis-password: password-here #The password of your redis server (If you do not have one then delete " password-here")
  • What are channels ? I thought that was to support bungeecord, isn't it ? I don't see ip/port :/
  • channels:
    - channel1
    - channel2
    - channel3
  • Final: Where do i have to put skLib.jar ? in each plugin's folder of my servers or only in my bungeecord's plugin's folder ?
Help me :c