⚀ ⚂ DicePoker ⚅ ⚃ Poker with dices!

Script ⚀ ⚂ DicePoker ⚅ ⚃ Poker with dices! 2017-03-19

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Mar 1, 2017
aescraft submitted a new resource:

⚀ ⚂ DicePoker ⚅ ⚃ Poker with dices! - The Witcher Dice Poker in Minecraft

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This skript adds the Dice Poker game from The Witcher 2
into the minecraft!

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The game is played at the chat, in
a non-intrusive manner.

It's a fun game to try your luck against the IA!
In futures updates: Bet system and player as opponent!

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The script makes the game almost...

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Check this out.
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