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  1. A

    Solved Hex color format changes when running Execute Command -SOLVED-

    --SOLVED-- Was just a random color plugin that was causing issues. removed it and updated essentials_chat and everything worked. Hello skGods! I am new here and am working on a skript that will allow players to change their prefix. It works perfectly fine until you try to add a Prefix with Hex...
  2. thatguypsycho

    Solved Hex Colors not showing up with LuckPerms prefix in chat.

    I have a custom chat filter using skript and I am trying to use my custom hex code colored prefixes from LuckPerms in the chat message before the users name. on chat: loop all players: if message contains "%loop-player%": play sound "entity_experience_orb_pickup" to...
  3. S

    Custom Hex Colors not working

    So basically yeah, hex colors are not working for me for some reason command /test: trigger: send formatted "<##dddddd>a" For some reason, it just sends the color code of the last digit of the hex color, so in the code above, it sends an 'a' with color &d which is Light Purple