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  1. Pingusate

    How to make permissions work?

    script options: $ use permissions every 1 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player have the scoreboard tag "Z": add "zinfection" to loop-player's permissions execute loop-player command "/zinfection" you wrote "looped-player" instead of "loop-player"...
  2. Pingusate

    variable in option

    on swap hand items: set Cooldown1 to {dashCD::%uuid of event-player%} cancel event if {Dash::%player's uuid%} > 0: set {_u} to {_p}'s uuid if {dash.last1::%{_u}%} is set: set {_wait1} to difference between {dash.last1::%{_u}%} and now else: set {_wait1} to...
  3. Pingusate

    Skript Console Error

    are you using bukkit? pretty sure skript only supports paper & spigot
  4. Pingusate

    Script angel | revamp soon. - a little remaster

    currently working to make this skript fully gui-based. meaning you will be able to ban, or do any punishments with a single command & a gui.
  5. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. - DELZA | abandoned project

    i may rework it to a way better version soon, but this one is done for.
  6. Pingusate

    almost 4 years later, i'm back and better.

    almost 4 years later, i'm back and better.
  7. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. - Started actually working on Delza! Welcome Delza 1.0! no more A's

    There are settings now! (note that this feature is beta, and all bugs/typos/any kind of problems are welcomed via DMs in this website! No support will be provided or I wont reply to any problem about this feature in the reviews.) /toggle (arg) basically you can now toggle scoreboard and...
  8. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. - Fixed the 91 errors, Thanks to ExtremeUltra for reporting it

    no errors should occur now! and one sad thing is that I removed chat events cause it made players unable to chat, next week is going to be a chat event week for me!
  9. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. - Advantage manager has been mixed with Delza!

    yes, punishment system exists now in delza, Guess what more?! Old errors are all fixed! No more space or tab errors! Whats more? new options! new sections! also going to edit the resource page cause its too old isn't it? GOTTA LOVE CONTINUING THIS PROJECT!
  10. Pingusate

    Script Delza ⚫ ABANDONED PROJECT. - Delza Core!

    Hello everyone! I'm back to skript! - Removed all events (Sumo, FFA) Due to causing a lot of bugs. - Added more options to edit for yourself - Updated animated scoreboard - Removed AntiSwear, Pretty much useless to be honest. - Added more options to the scoreboard! - Removed chat format due to...
  11. Pingusate

    I'm finally back, Let's move onto skript!

    I'm finally back, Let's move onto skript!
  12. Pingusate

    Might be quitting skript coding.

    FAREWELL Yeah, I might be quitting skript developing, I don't have any ideas to make, To update, whatever, I don't see a reason to stay at skript developing, And i got bored from coding skripts, Whenever i want to create a skript, I will be here, Thanks skUnity for all the support you did on my...
  13. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT. - Broadcasts is now updated / added

    Help command is /rc help Broadcasts are now updated/added (YOU CAN ADD AND REMOVE AND EDIT THEM!) HUGE BIG Thanks to @ShaneBee for helping me. Every broadcast message will be sent to the players not console (FIXED) A lot of things is now updated that i'm too lazy to explain! Download it now!
  14. Pingusate

    Offering MineVotes | ☻ Advertise your minecraft server for free! ☻

    { MINEVOTES } INFO: MineVotes is a Minecraft server list that allows server owners to advertise their servers with great ease. We have a fully custom amazing design to keep your stay nice and to attract more players for you! Do you own a server? Add your server right now! It's free! Do you know...
  15. Pingusate


  16. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT. - New broadcast manager + New help page

    /bcadd <id> <message> To add a broadcast message /bcremove <id> To remove a broadcast message /bclist Shows all broadcasts messages with ids /realcore: /rc help Shows help page of the script
  17. Pingusate

    DarkTeam | Custom script development {CORE, MINIGAME, ETC...}

    DARK TEAM: Is the only team that offers you paid + free scripts, With fast service. WHAT ARE THE UNIQUE THINGS ABOUT THE TEAM? Let's say you ordered a free core-script or paid either, we will support multi-language for free, But we need your help for the language you want ;) WHAT CUSTOM...
  18. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT. - the "NO ERRORS" update.

    This time, this update won't ever show a single error, Please if you got an error, understand that its your fault, you might have something wrong. All requirements: - Skellet - skRayfall - skUtilties - SkQuery - TuSKe
  19. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT.

    @ShaneBee I already did, and it worked successfully, but notepad++ seems to be having something wrong with me, So that's the thing. It said no errors, But notepad++ is the problem, Anyways if you like it rate it a nice review please :), Thanks.
  20. Pingusate

    Script Realcore | ABANDONED PROJECT. - Conditions got fixed

    All conditions and effects errors have been fixed, Please if you got any simple error like (Excepted 8 spaces, bla) Everyone can fix it. If you got any other error for conditions, effects or these things, consider adding me on discord: Toreo#1450 And please, Make sure you have all requirements.