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  1. FlameikTV

    Solved MySQL connection?

    I am sorry for late reply, here is the error: Ah, its now working - I am using that skript-db. There was problem with database hosting that I used, I don't know exactly why but nevermind, its fixed now :D Thanks a lot for your help! <3
  2. FlameikTV

    Solved Simple Gui not working

    Hi, you must set action after click - for example nothing :D format slot 3 of player with book to be unstealable
  3. FlameikTV

    Solved How do I do for an event if there are 10 players in a world

  4. FlameikTV

    How do I do for an event if there are 6 players in a world

    Hey, in the title, you have that you want to execute that command if there are 6 players in that world, and in your message, you are saying you want to have 10 players in that world before executing that command - so I have made that code to work if there are 10 players in that world. So here...
  5. FlameikTV

    Solved Can I change items in item frame?

    Try this instead of %event-block%: (You need to replace x,y,z, and yourWorldName with your data.) location(x, y, z, world "yourWorldName")
  6. FlameikTV

    Solved Can I change items in item frame?

    Hi, try this one: on right click on item frame: set item inside item frame %event-block% to stone
  7. FlameikTV

    Solved MySQL connection?

    Yes, I tried this one before, but it doesn't work for me (or maybe I've just used that wrong) :( I've used before I wrote this topic: Original one with $db. skript-db (orginal and also that updated one). Skellet. SkQuery. But non of them works :c
  8. FlameikTV

    Solved MySQL connection?

    Hi, is there in Skript still feature to connect with Skript to the MySQL database? I tried everything that I found on Google but nothing of that works for me. :emoji_cry: Please, if you know how to do it - please reply here :emoji_pray::emoji_pray:
  9. FlameikTV

    Replacing text in messages

    Hi, I want to change emotes, that players write in chat in the format :pog: into this symbol: ⻜, but it doesn't work now :emoji_frowning: if message contains ":pog:": replace all ":pog:" in message with "⻜" (Yes, it is in "on chat:"..) Edit: When the player sends :pog: in chat, it shows...
  10. FlameikTV

    Solved Force players to use server's Texture Pack

    Hi, I'm looking for some solution for forcing player's to use server's texture pack. I have tried to Google something, but it was little outdated or it wasn't been working. I have tried this code, but it didn't work. on join: wait 1 second send resource pack from...
  11. FlameikTV

    Solved Actionbar

    You can use that small icon of pencil in the bottom left corner of your first post and edit the title with a pre-made tag Solved. Btw: you're welcome :emoji_wink:
  12. FlameikTV

    Solved Actionbar

    Hi, I'm using this, it should work well also for you. send action bar "&b&lStone: &a%{stats.odmenamined.cobbletone.%player%}% &8/ &7320 &8&o(%{stats.mined.cobblestone.%player%}% &8&ocelkem&8&o)" to player
  13. FlameikTV

    Cancel drops on break event

    Hi, you can try to use cancel drops instead of event.setDropItems(false).
  14. FlameikTV

    Need Skript

    Here you are :emoji_sunglasses: command /queue: trigger: if {queue.used.%player%} is not set: #do stuff set {queue.used.%player%} to true add player to {queued::*} if size of {queued::*} > 1: #do stuff else...
  15. FlameikTV

    Unicode characters in text

    Hi, try just placing  symbol in your code and save it with encoding UTF-8. It works well for me and I'm using it that way. (I'm using WinSCP..)
  16. FlameikTV

    Solved Reseting Prison Mines

    I have doned that with schematics and pasting them by console and using //world command, but your code may work too, thank you wery much :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. FlameikTV

    Solved Reseting Prison Mines

    I'll try it and write back, thank you :)
  18. FlameikTV

    Solved Reseting Prison Mines

    No, I am using its Czech hosting, they don't have anything like timed commands and so on.. Maybe it'll need some external java plugin to do it, because from skript i now only time variable %now% but it is not good for my prupose.
  19. FlameikTV

    Solved Reseting Prison Mines

    Hi, I want to reset my mines with skript but I don't want to reset mine by coordinates like in this topic.. My friend has told me that it is possible to loop all blocks in WorldGuard region and test if it is 0 - fill it and if it is (for example as block in current mine) 1 - don't fill it.. Do...