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    Placed Blocks With Names

    Is there a way to have a placed block have a name? I can't figure out how to do this, but it would be really helpful if someone knew how! My current code is below. on break of dirt: if name of event-block is "Test": send ":)"
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    Solved Set Specific Usernames

    I had to change it just a bit so that it now says command /arg: trigger: set {list::1} to "ElementAstronaut" parsed as offline player But it works now, thank you so much!
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    Solved Set Specific Usernames

    Whenever I try to do the code on load: set {list::1} to ElementAstronaut I get the error message saying "Can't understand this condition/ effect: set {list::1} to ElementAstronaut"
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    If Gamemode Is

    I'm not very sure on how to specify a username in the command, "if gamemode of player is spectator:" I'd like my command to be, "if gamemode of ElementAstronaut is spectator:"
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    Solved Specified Usernames In Commands

    I'm trying to make it so that anytime that anybody on the server clicks it, it will affect me. I can't figure out how to specify this though. The line of code that says, "set ElementAstronaut's max health to 10" is the one that I want to specify, but ElementAstronaut doesn't get recognized on...
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    Solved Set Specific Usernames

    I'm not creating a /command, so arg-1 wouldn't work, would there be a way to specify with this command that I made? By the way, I'm trying to make it so that anytime that anybody on the server clicks it, it will affect me. (Red letters is the part of the name that I want to specify) on...
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    Solved Set Specific Usernames

    Is there more of a like "if name of player is" type of command? Because I'm not sure if there is a way to implement the other way in with my commanding currently.
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    Solved Set Specific Usernames

    Would I have to make a different permission for each person that I want to add to my server?
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    Solved Set Specific Usernames

    I'd like to set up a command so that it will only affect my own username, not whoever clicks it, my current command doesn't work correctly though. Command: set ElementAstronaut's max health to 10 The error that I get in chat however shows up as; Can't understand this condition/effect: set...
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    Solved Unplaceable Block

    That works like a charm! Thank you so much!
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    Solved Unplaceable Block

    How do I make a block unplaceable, and not conflict with my other code? My current code looks like this: on right click with beacon: if name of tool of player is "&b&lRevive Beacon": send "&aRight Click Works!" subtract 1 of beacon named "&b&lRevive Beacon" from player's...