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    Solved PLS HELP me with kitpvp GUI Only will works if you in region: Kitpvpspawn

    The problem with your code is that it was poorly indented, and your spelling made it worse. I've fixed your code: command /kitpvpkits: trigger: if "%region at player%" is "kitpvpspawn": open chest with 1 rows named "&a&lSelect kit" to player wait 1 tick...
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    Solved How to always have inventory for lobby?

    every 5 seconds in "world": loop all players: set slot 0 of loop-player to nether star named "&6&lSelect teleport" If this has helped you, please mark the thread as Solved.
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    Keep setting a § after

    Why don't you use skript scoreboards? They'll work the best
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    Player's Money not comparable to integer.

    Try getting SkQuery
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    Solved Long lores crash my server

    Are there any errors?
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    summon giant

    Use Citizens, it's a much better solution for NPC's.
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    Scoreboard error

    Still does not change my fact
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    Solved No awnser problem

    After you open a chest, you need to wait 1 tick before formatting the items!
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    Scoreboard error

    The issue is, you are going from 10 to 5. A scoreboard needs to end with 1. So: every 2 second: loop all players: wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to "&c&lDoodDoodles" set score "&7" in sidebar of loop-player to 6 set score...
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    Player's Money not comparable to integer.

    This may work: command /buyanchor: trigger: set {balance.%player%} to player's balance if {balance.%player%} is <= 50000.00: execute console command "ea give %player% 1" take 50000 from the player's balance else if {balance.%player%} is >...
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    Solved Custom number formatting

    Use the MirrorUtils skript Example: send "%formatted 1000000000 rounded to 3%"
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    split variable

    Use division, {taler.%uuid of player%} / 3
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    Define a variable properly

    {my_variable} -> "{my_variable}"
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    TusKe GUI

    command /tuskegui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 2 named "TusKE Test" to player format gui slot 0 of player with stone named " " to close Try this and let me know if it works!
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    Solved Balance Booster Help

    Using strings as booleans is sometimes a bad idea, might want to replace: set {balanceboost.%player%} to "yes" with: set {balanceboost.%player%} to true Also, if you set it to a string, "yes", you must type it as a string in an if condition: THIS IS BAD: if {balanceboost%player%} is yes: THIS...
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    Doesn't Rotate Player

    Yes, that's all you need.
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    Make a block the glow effect

    Try: set glowing of event-block to true
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    drop party enchant fail

    Use code blocks, also let us know what the errors are/explain more!
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    Solved I dont know what is wrong with the skript it isent working pls help

    That won't help us to fix it, please let us know what the errors are, also use proper formatting.