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  1. Killerz1243

    Solved I NEED HELP ASAP!!!

    wildskript is outdated iirc you can use nbt to change the magma cube size with skbee
  2. Killerz1243

    custom variable shop not working

    on line 148, remove the % surrounding arg-2 on line 280, remove the unnecessary 'else:'
  3. Killerz1243

    Minehut Server Crash Glitch With Custom Item

    send the error in the logs iirc mh doesnt have a console
  4. Killerz1243

    error in skript console

    you are using an outdated version of skript Get this one
  5. Killerz1243

    Solved Bug with percents

    try changing player to attacker
  6. Killerz1243

    Solved if %player's money% is greater or equal to 2000:

    less than or equal to change lesser to less
  7. Killerz1243


    replace player with loop-player
  8. Killerz1243

    Sorted list

    function sort(indices: strings, values: numbers, descending: boolean = true) :: strings: loop {_indices::*}: set {_sort::%{_values::%loop-index%}%.%loop-index%} to loop-value return (reversed {_sort::*}) if {_descending} is true, else {_sort::*}
  9. Killerz1243

    Idea on how to create a progress bar?

    You can use a bossbar or your experience bar for this
  10. Killerz1243

    TuSKe GUI bugs

    Update your tuske to TuSKe 1.8.3-PikachuPatch-v3
  11. Killerz1243

    Solved Custom namespace for commands

    Nope, don't think it is possible
  12. Killerz1243

    Solved Custom Head in a GUI

    Unless your tuske isn't 1.8.3 pikachu patch, your current code should be working fine. However, You would need to install the skbee addon to use nbts.
  13. Killerz1243

    Tuske GUI Update

    {_antal} is a local variable, it gets deleted after the trigger ends
  14. Killerz1243

    Can't understand this condition/effect

    That wouldn't work, as: 1. The user does not have skquery installed (format slot is skquery syntax) 2. to run: is from tuske, not skquery 3. Don't use skquery for guis, they're buggy. Here are some links to what guis you can use
  15. Killerz1243

    Duplicate Player Inventory

    Thats not a good way of duplicating the inventory. Just set a var to the player's inventory and open the var to the player
  16. Killerz1243

    tempban player's with skript

    I suggest reading the docs, ban %texts/offline players% [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %text%] [for %time span%]
  17. Killerz1243

    on command with arguments

    think what he's trying to do is to overwrite an existing command, and not creating a new command, so on command "/v": should be correct
  18. Killerz1243

    Solved Another GUI inside the GUI

    Read this, and stop asking how to make a vanilla gui when its LITERALLY on the tutorial Tutorial on vanilla guis
  19. Killerz1243

    Solved Another GUI inside the GUI

    switch to vanilla
  20. Killerz1243

    Solved Another GUI inside the GUI

    put a wait in the while loop